Imagine the feeling and experience of a parent bringing home their child who has been hospitalized suffering from a devastating illness or injury.  The parents see the child’s relief to be home and hear the unspoken question “Will things ever be the same as before”.  The whole family whispers, I hope so.

There is so very much for the parents and guardians to do, to worry about, so much to consider, what happens now?  There are medications to administer and monitor, special meals to prepare, appointments to make and keep, other children to look after, bills to pay and work to do.

Welcome Home Angel, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that brings joy and comfort to these children and their families. We target children 4 through 18 from primarily low and middle income families who live in a 25 mile radius of Wilmington, NC.

We provide a “makeover” of the child’s bedroom creating a healthy and cheerful environment in which to live and recover.  It is amazing how renovating a sick child’s room can have a therapeutic effect on the child’s recovery. It allows them to take their minds away from their problems and dream happy dreams in their new fantasy healing space. If the child has special needs we address other areas of the house that also may need our attention.

Assistance and guidance is offered to the parents and/or guardians to help them deal with the many issues the situation may cause. Our Guardian Angels look for other organizations and agencies that offer goods and services that can make this traumatic time in their lives a bit easier to handle.

Lastly Welcome Home Angel, Inc. does a minor makeover in the sibling’s rooms to remind them that they are loved and cared for too.  This unfortunate situation affects the whole family.

Join us now as we guide you through Welcome Home Angel, Inc. and explore the many ways we have made a difference to sick children and their families in the Wilmington community.