Our Supporters

We are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of community support that Welcome Home Angel receives each and every year. Without your support, we could not do what we do. Thank you to each and every one of you for helping our community’s children to live happier, healthier lives!

2017 Brunch Supporters

Live Oak Bank

EcoChic Blossoms

Lanier Property Group

First Presbyterian Church
Gathered Design Studio
Interior Collections
Liz Carroll Interiors
Louise Austell
Meg Caswell
MegaCorps Logistics
Polka Dot Palm
Sally Deans Memorial Fund
Smith + Gsell Design Studio
South State Bank
TowneBank Mortgage
Wilmington Dermatology

Foundation Supporters

The Eshelman Foundation
North Carolina Community Foundation, Suzanne and George Taylor Endowment Fund
Wilmington Civitan Club

Business and Community Groups

Bass Built Custom Homes and Renovation
Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity
Cape Fear Imports LLC
Clark/Carolina Realty
Coastal Tarheel Express
Envision Mortgage Company
Flytrap Brewing
Franklin Rouse State Farm
Freeman Landscape
Holiday Inn Resort – Wrightsville Beach
Honeycutt Construction Services
Kusek Financial Group
Live Oak Bank
Liz Carroll Interiors
MegaCorp Logistics
Monkees and the Bamboo Hanger
Party On! Designs
Pine Valley UMC
Port City Signs & Graphics
Seaside Linen
Stroud & Co. CPAs
The FAM Expo
The Lanier Property Group
The Pediatric Center
Windham and Henderson, LLP
Wrightsville Methodist
Woodbury and Co.
Woody White Law Firm
Wrightsville United Methodist Church


Families and Individuals

Annie Adams
Vernelle and James Anderson
Joelle Ando
Marissa Arey
Tara and Keith Avant
Deborah Barton
Kelly Batson
John and Cheryl Beall
Ken Beasly
Emily Bell
David and Nancy Benford
Stacy and Sean Bernhardt
Michael and Brenda Bernhardt
Lourdes Best
Barbara and Edward Biedenbach
Richard & Martha Blacher
Elizabeth Boardman
David & Amy Bonney
Alysa Bostick
John and Peg Braddy
Lynette Brammer
Katie Braskett
Lisa Brewster
Christy and Philip Brown
Kyle Buck
Greg & Joni Buckner
Jim & Kathy Busby
Stewart Buss
John Canfield
Lauren Cardwell
Kaitlyn Carpenter
Jim & Bonnie Carper
Matthew Carrier
Liz Carroll
Meg Caswell
Brian and Cassie Causey
Sid and India Causey
Elena Cazeault
Gary and Sharon Chadwick
Harold and Inis Chappell
Sarah Charles
Michelle Clark
Jade Clark
Katrina Clark
Andrea and Paul Clarkson
Sandra Peruzzi and Nord Cofini
Marta Cohen
Charlotte Cohen
Gordon and Jeanie Coleman
Deborah Connolly
Ashley Conrad-Saydah
Elizabeth and Barry Coppedge
Lee and Mary Beth Cowper
Nancy Faye Craig
Pamela and Jack Craig
Jane Crenshaw
Roseann Curran
Evan Dalrymple
Eugene Davis
Kimberly and Brian Davis
Sabrina Davis
Doug & Susan DeGroote
Beverly DeLuise
Patti DeOliva
Krista DesChamps
Diane and Jeff DuBose
Karen and Carlton English
Joan and Vernon Ennis
Beth Eskew
Don Fallis
Thomas and Katherine Fetzer
Anna Fisher
Dana Fisher
Rod Flinchum
Angie Fortuin
Stephanie Gerold
Joan Gilson
Julie Gore
Holly and David Lawrence Grange
Gary Gurganus
Janet Gurganus
Sarah Hall
Frank and Berta Hamilton
Peggy Hancock
Roy and Christie Hawkins
Andrew Heath
Lynn Hildreth
Lydia B.Hines
Libby Holliday
Emily and Stanley Hollingsworth
Richard and Cynthia Horgan
Karee Hunt
John and Kris Hunter
Chris Hutchens
Sherri Ingle
Sonda Jaffee
Melanie James
Jessie Jeffries
Ann Jenkins
Beth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Annie Johnston
Michael Jones
Marita Judy
Cynthia Jupp
John & Susan Kaiser
Sasha Kammer
Rachel Kastner
Jennifer Kastner-Lackey
Shaunna Kennedy
Jill & Andrew Kerekes
Gary and Tony Kirkegaard
Paul and June Knott
Fred Kumpel
Dale Lacy
Tom Lamb
Sharon Laney
Michael & Leann Lanier
Beth Lennon
Carla D Lewis
Cynthia Linville
Leslie Littlefield
Martha Ljung
Alison & Gene Long
Ellen Long
Mark Loudermilk
Wylene McDonald
Wendy and John McElhinney
Christina McInnis
Gary and Connie McNair
William Merriman III
Melissa Miller
Debbie and Mark Mitchell
Carol Moore
Kay Morgan
Alice and Dean Morton
Nathan and Erin Munton
Sarah Murphy
Lesli Musselwhite
Suzanne Neblett
Mike and Jill Newsome
Trot and Kathryn Nixon
Valerie Northrup
Jeffrey & Laura O’Brien
Melanie Orlando
Nancy Lee and John G. Page
George Parrish
Kelly Parrott
Laura Paul
Peggy Penninger
Tonda Peterson
Gabby Pike
Stewart Pittman
Gary Pizzichillo
Jennifer Player
Carolyn and Wayne Polston
Melissa Pressley
Melissa & Leon Pruzan
Kathy Radulski
James Ratcliff
Anthony & Dolores Reese
Amy Richardson
Jennifer & Robert Rippy
Kathy Roberts
James Rolquin
Susan Rooks
Audree Rosburg
Jean & Eric Rosenberg
Thomas Rowland
Lisa Sahlie
Julieann Sample
Mitty & Anne Schaeffer
Carolyn Schaeffer
Libbie Schaffer
Jeanne and Wesley Scott
Elizabeth Sheats
Carole and Terry Sheffield
Melanie & James Shelton
Wally Simpson
Kristi and Stephen Simms
Johanna Smith
Margaret & Donald Smith
Paul Snider
Teresa & Jim Snyder
Margaret Spallek
Sandra Spiers
Craig and Tammy Spivey
Pamela Stallings
Marsha Stone
Laura Sullivan
H. David Swain
Denise and Joseph Szaloky
Peggy Tackett
Chris Teeter
David & Joyce Teeter
Richard and Joy Teeter
Jennifer Thompson
Logan White Thompson
Ginger Thornton
Bill Traina
John and Linda Turpin
Brett Tushingham
Pam and Raymond Vaden
Peggy Verlangieri
Rebecca Wall
James E.Wallace
Trey Wallace
Lisa and Jonathan Wayne
Calvin & Shannon Wells
Bonnie Wendt
Elaine Werner
Jackie Whitaker
Charles and Sharon Fox White
George & Susan Willets
Rick Willetts
Harry Williams
Ellen Willis
Louise Woltz
Linda Woods
Marc Yandle
Karl & Jennifer Yngve
Vance Young
David and Donna Young



Economic downturns unfortunately don’t affect the number of children who are stricken with serious illnesses or injuries. Costs are between $7,500 and $20,000 for each case, depending on the work that needs to be done to renovate each house.

We know things are tight, but won’t you please help us continue this important work for the children of the greater Wilmington area?

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization – our tax ID number is 26-1638488.